We would like to welcome you to South Carolina's only Intergenerational Daycare Center for children and adults.  This program is sponsored by Piedmont Agency on Aging and offers this area an exciting alternative to traditional daycare.


Phone calls and personal conferences are welcomed whenever you have questions, anxieties, or suggestions.  It is our sincere desire that the center will be a happy, creative place for your child/children. We work to ensure that they experience a warm, loving, homelike atmosphere, which nurtures their physical, emotional, and social development.  The first qualification of our staff is a basic love and understanding for children and adults.


Communication is a vital part of a good relationship.  We will do our part to make sure you have information in a timely manner.  Please watch for "notices to parents" which are posted periodically at the parent information center or in your child's/children's cubbies.


Parents are encouraged to visit and are welcome at Lifetime Discoveries at any time.


Confidentality for our children shall be maintained at all times.  Employees shall not discuss children's information with anyone other than the appropriate agency staff members.


Saftey and Security


Your child's safety is one of our top priorities at Lifetime Discoveries.  All entrances and exits remained locked from the outside for added security.  The front entrance is monitored by our front desk staff who follow strict policy and procedure when it comes to releasing your child into the care of someone other than the parent.


All classrooms are monitored by cameras which feed into the Day Care Director's office for added safety and security.








About our Payment Schedule

Payment is due on Monday prior to services being rendered.  If payments are not made by 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, a $25.00 late fee will be added to your weekly tuition rate.

Call Us: 864-227-3600 / sorck@piedmontaoa.com  /  808 South Emerald Road Greenwood, SC  29646